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Xerox and Section 508: Designing for Accessibility

To meet the requirements of Section 508, Xerox evaluates its products against the Section 508 rules using the Voluntary Product Assessment Template (VPAT). The VPAT provides detailed information on accessibility for each product. To understand how Xerox assesses its products, read "About the Xerox Section 508 Assessment Process."

Continuing our proud tradition of offering accessible solutions for more than 20 years, we want to become your vendor of choice, and offer the most compliant hardware and software solutions for your document processing needs. Here are a few examples of accessories we provide for people with disabilities:

  • Braille enablement — Pressure sensitive labels allow Braille to be added to almost any copier control console.
  • Angled console — This kit, which is currently available for a number of models, inclines the copier console, allowing wheelchair users to view and reach the controls.

The Xerox® Adaptable Accessibility Solution empowers visually impaired, blind and physically disabled employees by integrating with a Xerox multifunction printer, providing a touch screen tablet with audio talk-back for key functions: copy, scan to email, and fax.

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