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Plieuse/agrafeuse Plockmatic Pro50/35

Robust, fully integrated 50- or 35-sheet professional booklet making system with the option of bleed trim and square fold
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The Plockmatic Pro 50/35 is designed for copy centres, CRDs, and commercial print environments looking to create booklets with the highest quality look and feel. The system is specifically designed to process a wide range of coated and uncoated media types month after month, year after year.

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Key Features

  • Production of high quality booklets at rated engine speed
  • The Pro 50 booklet maker produces saddle stitched books up to 200 pages (Pro 35 up to 140 pages) from a variety of paper sizes
  • The optional RCT 2.0 module enables rotation, creasing and bleed trim to produce the highest quality booklets at high speed with no operator intervention
  • Trim Waste Conveyor option allows long unattended runs while using the RCT 2.0, reducing the need for operator intervention to remove waste
  • Square fold option creates a professional square fold spine from saddle stitched booklets
  • Quick changes between jobs means you can turn around short run jobs quickly and easy
  • Simple programming of all settings
  • Patented folding mechanism provides a professional, high quality look and feel
  • Face trimmer option trims the front edge of each book for a professional finish
  • Optional cover feeder adds pre-printed covers of up to 140 lb. index or 250 gsm
  • Off-line mode enables manual booklet making from documents produced on other printing devices
  • Improved performance on sensitive media and heavy stock
  • Adjustable staple position with a patented set positioning mechanism that enables adjustment of the staple and fold position from the user interface
  • Heavy duty staple mechanism

Your Challenges

Mid-Production monochrome and colour printers deliver higher performance than ever before. The finishing systems connected to these devices need to perform at the highest quality as well.

Key Challenges

  • Wide media support. Customers increasingly use different weights and paper stock types within a job to add to document quality.
  • Optimum productivity. CRD managers and print rooms need to produce trimmed and square folded booklets with little to no operator intervention.
  • Outstanding output quality. Finishing systems need to provide high output quality that matches the performance of the printing system.
  • Differentiation. Print Services providers of all kinds need to differentiate their offerings. High quality booklets are one important way to do that.

How Xerox Can Help

The Plockmatic Pro 50/35 is a powerful booklet making system that delivers high-end quality and performance to Xerox mid-production monochrome and colour printing systems.

  • Patented folding technology automatically adapts fold pressure set by set depending on media choice.
  • The Pro 50/35 is equipped with a Xerox exclusive productivity module that allows the system to operate at machine speed regardless of booklet sheet count.
  • The optional RCT 2.0 (Rotate/Crease/Trim) module delivers creased and bleed trimmed documents in an automated workflow for highest productivity.
  • High page counts, crease and bleed trim, square fold, and a wide media handling range deliver the highest quality final product in this segment.