Improving Access to Government Services with Xerox® DocuShare®

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services needed to overhaul their traditional, paper-based processes to continue providing care and support to the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Read the case study to see how Xerox® DocuShare® helped.

With Xerox® DocuShare®, the agency was able to store forms for all county assistant offices throughout the state and automate changes to forms for greater consistency.

Read the case study



  • 78,000 claims processed annually
  • 90% decrease in claims processing time
  • Approximately 3,000,000 documents currently stored in DocuShare®
  • Greater security for citizens’ personally identifiable information
  • Federal audits can be addressed at a moment’s notice with instant access to information
  • Information overload and network traffic have been reduced due to simplified document upload and access
  • Workflow automation ensures payment and services are delivered in a timely manner — even during natural disasters

See how Xerox® DocuShare® can help your organization manage your content and processes more effectively.

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